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Dr. Festa is an empathetic, evidence-based, board-certified “best-in-class” physician (internal and preventive medicine). He has consistently guided my family through some challenging comorbid diagnoses, while keeping quality of life and future wellness as a key performance indicator. Dr. Festa holistically diagnoses patients, with altruism and compassion, collaborating to find innovative evidence-based interventions to aid in each of his patient’s specific individual needs. Dr. Festa’s consistent efficacy with his “ahead-of-the-curve”, tailored interventions and wellness programs, have proven him to be a highly gifted and competent physician for over a decade. He is a responsive, unbiased, brilliant, and humble doctor and scientist, who is not afraid to stray from the mainstream. Lastly, Dr. Festa designs and executes on new interventions, dedicated to improving his patient’s quality of life through preventative and acute care. The world needs more doctors like Dr. Festa, whose love for their jobs and patients is unparalleled within the medical community.