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Plantar Warts And Genital Warts Treatment With The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body

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Why Warts Can Be More Manageable Than They Seem

Warts are some of the most common yet embarrassing conditions that many patients may be afraid to bring to their doctors, but it's nothing to be ashamed about. Dermatology and medicine have come up with plenty of procedures for effective, long-term wart treatment.

With advice from a dermatologist and/or a primary care doctor, wart management can be a relatively painless and easy procedure. But while they may seem like benign skin infections or aesthetic concerns, a patient should always have their wart checked so more serious conditions like skin cancer can be ruled out.

The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body: Your Guide To Expert Wart Removal

The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body has plenty of experience with helping our patients with wart removal or management. Since the type of wart will differ between each patient, our doctor or physician is well-trained to spot the signs of each wart and how to treat them properly. This attention to detail also comes with making sure that the treatment keeps your comfort in mind.

When you book your appointment with us, we'll make sure to keep your condition in mind when recommending the best removal method or treatment for your wart. We strongly believe in personalizing our services to the needs of each patient we have, which has made us one of the most sought-after practices for aesthetic treatments like wart removal.

Plantar Warts And Genital Warts Treatment With The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body

FAQ About Wart Removal And Wart Treatment

What causes warts?

Warts are usually caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV virus), which attacks your immune system. The symptoms of warts can vary from person to person - some may only cause redness and general discomfort, while others can cause acute and chronic pain.

Where do I usually get warts?

Since the HPV virus has over 100 variants that can cause warts, there's a variety of places that they can appear. However, some of the more common sites include the toe of the foot or feet in general, hands, and genitals. Genital warts are particularly concerning for women since they can be a sign of cervical cancer.

How are warts removed?

There are several options that you can pursue with removing warts, like salicylic acid, liquid nitrogen treatments, or surgery. However, only a podiatrist or a board-certified dermatologist should conduct these treatments, especially if the type of wart is close to sensitive areas.

Is At-Home Treatment Of Warts Possible?

Warts don't always have to be brought to a hospital or practice to be treated - some over-the-counter treatments can work on a wart with repeated application. While they may not work for all types of warts, they can be a quick solution to a relatively small bunion or spot.

However, given the nature of warts as a symptom of HPV, you should consult an actual doctor or physician about what to do about them. Since they can be a sign of something more serious, they can recommend the proper procedure or diagnostic test to make sure that you are doing the right treatment.

Take Care Of Your Skin And Body With The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body Today

A wart, blister, or skin lesion isn't something that will always require surgery - sometimes a practice can take care of it as an outpatient treatment with no need for extensive diagnosis and treatment. The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body has an expert team that's well-trained in the medical treatment for wart removal, allowing us to remove them from men, women, and children with ease and comfort.

Led by Dr. Eugene Festa, our treatments focus on the person and the symptoms that caused the wart to manifest, as well as the factors that may result in warts coming back again. With a focus on long-term treatment options, we're proud to offer both medical and aesthetic options for wart removal. Contact us today to schedule your wart removal appointment through our website.

Plantar Warts And Genital Warts Treatment With The Rejuvenation Center For Mind And Body

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